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Dishes I Love

These are the dishes Dhruv Arora loves. These are namely biryani, puchka and sushi
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Japanese traditional dish

Umami flavour

Soy sauce and wasabi rice

I eat it sometimes

My brother says yum

I like it


Kolkata's favourite dish: biryani
Kolkata's favourite dish: biryani



Traditional Mughal treat

Spicy and full of masala

Flavour is too much for me

But I still eat it

Very tasty food

I eat it with mutton chnaap


Kolkata's favourite street food: puchka
Kolkata's favourite street food: puchka



Full of flavour and some spice

Tangy flavoured ball

My mother thinks it is nice

I eat it with fervour

Balls of lots of spice

I eat it all the time

Very good flavour


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Dhruv Arora is the son of Taran Arora. He was born on 20/05/2011. He knows Hindi, English, Bengali and German. His hobbies are playing cricket, chess and football. He also loves coding, creative writing, and drawing.

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