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Dal Bati Churma – a Harmony of Sweet and Savoury

dal bati churma
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Sugar and salt are extremely different worlds of taste but we need them both to relish our meal. Have you ever imagined a dish where both the worlds of sugar and salt come together to give a unique flavour? Let me take you to Rajasthan my native land, to taste dal bati churma- a mouth-watering delicacy where sugar and salt come together. Not only in India but also all around the world just the name of dal bati churma will take the listener to Rajasthan.

Churma is a delicacy made with deep fried wheat dumpling which is crushed to a powder and mixed with powdered sugar and nuts. Bati is a hard and crusty deep fried wheat dumpling. They are served with a spicy and salty dal made out of mixed pulses with a generous tempering of ghee. While churma is sweet and bati and dal are salty they are incomplete without one another.

Let’s move from Rajasthan to a movie hall to taste another sweet and salty dish- salted caramel popcorn. This is an ultimate dish with an even coating of caramel and sprinkled with a generous amount of flaky sea salt. Both these dishes are an  absolute delight to our taste buds. Sugar and salt when used in the right balance complement each other beautifully, creating delightful plates of deliciousness.

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Riyaarth is an enthusiastic child fond of reading, listening and writing stories. He loves exploring new places and things. He has a keen interest in chess and art and craft. He is thankful to his teachers at AISG-46 and Word Munchers for giving him ideas and enhancing his writing skills.

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