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Africa, Pandemic, and Writings from the Lockdown

Amrita Ghosh in conversation with Nicklas Hållen from Karlstad University, Sweden.
Musings Amrita Ghosh and Nicklas Hållen
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 Nicklas Hållen and  Amrita Ghosh are in conversation from Sweden.

This is an interesting dialogue about two diametrically opposite regions of the world in  terms of demography, culture, infrastructure, economic, and political condition. How is this lockdown impacting the general lives as well as the creative pursuits during these trying times? Has the pandemic reversed the ways we imagine the Global ‘North’ and ‘South’ and the ways people responded to the crisis across boundaries and borders? Nicklas Hållén traces the pandemic in parts of Africa and collects writings from the lockdown and people’s responses to the pandemic.

Nicklas is a senior lecturer from Karlstad University, Sweden. He has been working on contemporary African literature and comics, and has put together a collection of short fiction, non-fiction, and poetry from Anglophone Africa during the lockdown. 

Issues from African Street Literature and Notes from The Lockdown can be read and downloaded at
Nicklas Hållén is based at Karlstad University, Sweden where he teaches English literature. He is a senior researcher on the African Street Literature Project. He has recently edited a collection of poetry, short fiction, and non-fiction by African writers during the corona lockdown, which can be downloaded at his blog. You can find Nicklas on Twitter @nickehallen.

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