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A Winter Holiday In A Snow Clad Mountain

I felt so cold that I had to wear four or five layers of thick clothing whenever I went out. My hands got cold the
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It was the middle of December and my winter holidays had just begun. Since my mother’s fortieth birthday was around the corner, my family decided to go to Switzerland to celebrate it. 

My mom chose to stay in a small resort which was on the top of a mountain. Soon, we were off to Switzerland for a week-long trip. It was a very long flight and another three-hour drive to the resort. The place was already filled with snow and it was freezing cold. I instantly ran to our room in the resort and sat beside the fireplace there. Since we were very tired that day and it had gotten dark, we decided not to go anywhere and just play in the snow outside. It was a beautiful scenery with many hills and mountains around. The clouds were hovering right above our heads, some of them even made us a bit wet.

I felt so cold that I had to wear four or five layers of thick clothing whenever I went out. My hands got cold the fastest, so I wore three pairs of gloves every day. We spent the next day and the day after in  learning how to ski. I was not very excited to ski because I was terribly afraid of heights. On the fourth day, all of us were taken to the top of a hill with a cable cart and we all came skiing down. It turned out to be a lot of fun, so we did it many times. We spent the rest of the holiday going to some of the peaks in Switzerland and my favourite of all was The Switzerland Chocolate Factory. We bought many chocolates and candies from there and ate almost half of it on our flight back home. 

This was one of the most memorable trips in my life which has helped reduce my fear of heights. I hope to visit Switzerland once again in future.

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