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A School Trip to An Amusement Park

We thoroughly enjoyed the picnic outing but everyone was tired and hungry and needed food to get energy.
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‘Picnic’. Hearing this word every student’s heart starts to flutter and laughter fills the air. One such day arrived in my life when all of us were to be taken to an amusement park in Kolkata, soon after our exams ended.

The best thing about that picnic was that we did not have to dress up in our boring uniforms, but wore coloured clothes that made us look cute. School picnics are fun because we get to enjoy them with our friends and teachers.

We went to the amusement park by bus singing and laughing with our teachers and friends. We all reached our destination by 9 in the morning. We were divided into 4 groups of 12 students each and sent to different locations with a teacher to guard us.

Entering the park, we looked around and chose the rides that we wanted to hop on. The amusement park was filled with greenery and with flowers. The rides ranged from safe to merely thrilling and I was someone who wanted  them at all times. 

 We sat on the rollercoaster ride which was extremely adventurous. We climbed up and down the rail relentlessly. The ‘Flip-line’ was also a joy but a bit scary for some people who were afraid of heights. We were strapped on with safety belts and sent off hanging on the line from one point to the other. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the picnic outing but everyone was tired and hungry and needed food to get energy. The previous day the teachers had decided with the children that some would bring potatoes, some onion, some cheese, some bread and the rest few would bring different juices and spices. All together we made sandwiches, aloo chaat and the school’s chef who had come with us taught us some non-flame recipes and we all ate that. My friend who was a foodie ate a lot. After regaining some of our energy the teachers and children played badminton, tennis and other outdoor games. A picnic is also a time for teachers to get entertained and they enjoyed themselves too. Time just flew and we didn’t even realise that it was 7pm in the evening. We hurriedly packed our bags and the school bus took us home. 

The school picnic was a short but lovely experience that engaged teachers and students into a world of fun that can never happen in classrooms. After I reached home, I shared my exhilarating experience with my family before I dozed off. 

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