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My Pet Rabbit

Viyan Lohia has a pet rabbit and he adores it. He writes about his rabbit and the time they spend together playing around their house.
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I love all animals but I love rabbits the most. I have a pet rabbit. His name is Roger. He is two years old and brown in colour. My rabbit loves to eat carrots, lettuce and tomatoes. He hops around the whole house after me. Roger always plays with me. Sometimes we have a fight and he gets upset. When he gets upset, I have to give him a giant carrot to patch up. My friends love playing with Roger as well. He loves to go to the beach with me and dig a burrow. He is my best friend and the best pet I could have. We love each other a lot.   

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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Viyan is a very enthusiastic child. He loves playing chess and badminton. He is very inquisitive about his surroundings and nature.

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