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A Holiday Breakfast

The table was filled with pancakes, pita bread, hummus, quesadillas and other items you can’t even think of. A special holiday breakfast.
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It was a very gloomy Saturday morning until I remembered it was my mother’s birthday and we were going to have a special holiday breakfast. With that thought, I really got excited and apart from the lazy, cloudy weather, I had something to rejoice for. 

I waited with impatience looking at the clock as it ticked nearer to 9 am so that the food was ready and I could forget the gloomy sky and enjoy the rest of the day. When the clock struck nine, I ran towards the dining table. There was almost everything my mother and I wanted and would like. The table was filled with pancakes, pita bread, hummus, quesadillas and other items you can’t even think of. I jumped in excitement and sat down, looking at the tempting food with my mouth watering, waiting for my family  members to settle down and then have the best meal ever.

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After everyone sat down and as soon as I served myself, I took a bite straightaway without waiting for even a second, and the food was so hot that I burnt my mouth, and it took a whole five minutes to calm down. After some time, I again got ready to eat and I ate it so quickly that it seemed like I was a mouse eating a big block of cheese which looked very tempting. Then, it was time for cutting the birthday cake and we sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song merrily. As soon as we finished singing, I got a bite of cake to eat first. It was delicious and it was the main highlight of the day. Although I was so stuffed that I could not reach out for another slice of the cake, it was the best cake I’d ever had which left me completely satiated. 

Since I wanted everything on the table, even though it was my mother’s birthday, it seemed  as if it was my birthday as well. I was so satisfied with the food I got that I wouldn’t be craving for all those fancy items for at least a whole month. 


Adyant Goenka is a student of  Word Munchers, a Kolkata-based creative writing platform.

Images courtesy: Pixabay

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Adyant is a ten-year old who loves to read fiction as well as non-fiction. He has keen interest in space as well as numbers. He is a happy-go-lucky chap who loves to play badminton.

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