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Friday August 12, 2022


springtime memories

Mumma’s Bindis (VI)

Spring is finally here! Time to get the deck furniture out, fill up the birdfeeder, run outside to catch the dandelions and smell the fresh air. As Didi was helping Mumma clean the deck chairs, Ujaan poured yellow, white, and brown seeds into the birdfeeder with his little hands.

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On the lap of dadu Manish Ghatak
History & Heritage

Remembering Dadu – Manish Ghatak

Some of my happiest memories revolve around Berhampore, Murshidabad, where my grandparents lived. My cousins and I would spend our vacations there and were up to no good most of the time.

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Prof Atindra Mohan Goon
Belles Lettres

Remembering Prof Atindra Mohan Goon

Professor Goon’s seminar left a lasting impression on me. In our third year (1973) Professor P. K. Giri invited the students to give seminars under COSSIP.

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delhi trip old photo

Of This & That : Roots of The Land

This trip along with a host of others has remained etched in my memory. Another one I can relate here pertains to our Jaldapara trip in North Bengal. We had stayed for a night at the loghouse at Hollong.

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