My Scrapbook

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My scrapbook

Let us embark on a journey that you and I will have while we go through my scrapbook, which has the fondest memories I have had in my travels over the past few years. A vibrant layout with my experiences and their photographs is what it is all about.

First let’s visit the holy town of Rishikesh. I marveled at the sight of hundreds of people performing the Ganga Arti together and the innumerable diyas lit. The reflection of these diyas in the water along with the chanting, was such a serene feeling! Let’s visit my grandparents’ place next. I tried teaching my cousins how to make chocolate balls. Though we messed up the entire kitchen, yet my cousins enjoyed learning and the chocolate balls turned out delicious. Now to the peak corona times, where we visit my virtual school. It made me an expert with the computer. But I missed school, friends and teachers a lot, while we had school online. 

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It’s now time to get ready for the chills. We drove to the Hatu Temple in Narkanda, above Simla, which was a scary journey as we travelled through a very narrow road. Even an inch left or right would make the car fall off the cliff. But the 360 degrees view of the mountains from the top was breathtaking.

Every time I go through my scrapbook, I relive these moments again where the photographs of those precious moments have been captured.

Medhaansh Newar is a student of  Word Munchers, a Kolkata-based creative writing platform.

Images courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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