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child labour

Sarah looked around the store and finally saw the perfect sweater for her sister’s birthday. She gave it to her mother and smiled thinking how happy her sister would be. When she was about to head home she saw some children weaving sweaters in a shop.  “Wow!”, she thought, “That must be so much fun.” 

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Later that day, she told her mother about this. Her mother replied, “When did this happen, and why didn’t you tell me?” “This is a serious crime; we must go there at once!”, she exclaimed.  Sarah was very confused, “How is it a crime?”, she asked.  Her mother explained to her that this was called child labour, and, in the constitution, this was a serious offence as people make children work long hours for very little money. “Oh no, what about those children?”  Sarah asked. “Well, if these situations happen, then you can go to the court for your rights which is what we will also do,” said her mother. “This is very common in India, like the fire crackers burst during festivals are also made by innocent children.” “Mostly the reason for child labour is poverty, because of the high poverty rates, children are forced to work in order to feed their family,” informed her mother. “In this process, children are not able to go to school and have a normal childhood as they are busy working.” “Wow, I did not know this before, how blind I have been to this cruel act while living my comfortable life!” exclaimed Sarah.  

The next day they went and informed the police, called the child helpline and contacted several NGOs near them. “If you think about it, there are so many other children who need help, if only we hadn’t been so blind,” thought Sarah.

Images courtesy: Pixabay

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