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On that Moment of Horripilation when Our Cold Feet Touch

Poetry by budding poet from Kolkata, Amit Shankar Saha.
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How beautiful is the thought of you!
Early morning a stray chill flies
like a harbinger of winter.
It buries itself in my head
and gets cozy and warm between the folds of my brain,
under the cover of now and then
our cold feet touch,
memories horripilate
like apparitions from the dead.
I try to purge all thoughts of you,
the mind becomes empty as if nothing else exists.

Under the simmering surface of reflection
there is nothing absolutely selfless
that is not absolutely selfish.

(From: Fugitive Words)

Watch this space for an interview of the poet taken by poet Sunil Bhandari.

Amit Shankar Saha is a poet from Kolkata who has won Award for Excellence in Literature (2015) and Wordweavers Prize (First prize in Poetry-2011, Short Story-2014), Nissim International Runner-up Prize for Poetry (2019), First Prize in Asylum of Allusions Poetry Contest by Harbinger Asylum Magazine (USA, 2020) amongst other awards. He teaches English literature at the Seacom Skills University.

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