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Photo story: Whale Spotting in Canada

humpback whale in canada
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Humpback whales are a fairly large species of whales that migrate up to 16000 km every year. During breeding season these whales migrate to tropical and subtropical waters where they breed and give birth to their young. The best time to spot humpbacks are between July and October and from December to March. These photos were captured across Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site, Bonavista and St. Vincent’s Beach in Canada, all popular sites for spotting whales, porpoises, other marine life and birds.

Photos- Arnab Chaudhuri
The copyright of all photos are with the photographer.

Originally from Serampore, Hooghly, Arnab moved to Canada after attending IIT Guwahati. He pursued hi PhD at the Queen’s University and currently lives in the Newfoundland province. Arnab is a travel buff and a photography enthusiast.

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