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Tuesday June 28, 2022

Photo Gallery

coral reef

Coral Reefs: A Photo Story

Presently the ‘Coral Reef System’ of the entire World is under tremendous threat from Global Warming. We lost about 50% of the entire coral reef life in last 30 years through Coral bleaching. In many places the destruction is complete and that affected lives of millions of livings beings including human being.

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charak gajan festival

Charak: The Festival of Self-flagellation – A Photo Story

As a festival and a ritual, Charak definitely goes back to pre-Hindu roots that were later absorbed into Hinduism. Its rituals of self flagellation, inflicted-torture and endurance through pain can be seen in different parts of India even now, especially, in the South.

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In the Wild: Photo Album

Images from the South African jungles. These images were clicked by Akriti during a trip to South Africa with her family.

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