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Wednesday September 29, 2021

History & Heritage

Ismail Merchant

Ismail Merchant was a Silent Rebel

I met him personally only once. He had invited me – an anonymous woman trying to find her feet in film journalism – to a specially invited screening of the film In Custody (Muhafiz) which Merchant directed

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Architects of Modern India

Nehru realized and articulated that the infrastructure and industrial projects of India were to become the temples of this nation. India was therefore, a land of opportunity. On the country’s 75th Independence Day let us take a look at some of the modern architects of India who laid the foundation of a nascent nation.

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Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Awadh

The Ousted Nawab of Oudh

Had the circumstances been different, history would perhaps have hailed him as a great king. He had the qualities of a good administrator notwithstanding his extravagance.

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